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Spencer Bailey - Practicum Student

​​"Wherever you are - be all there"

- Jim Elliot

Creighton University- B.A- Psychology
Chaminade University- M.S. Counseling Psychology
National Board Certified Counselor

​Washington Approved supervisor

Amy has been managing the insurance, claims and billing since its start in 2017. With a hard-work ethic and resilient spirit, she enjoys the challenge of chasing after non-paid claims,  investigating denials and following-up with insurance companies (sometimes weekly); all for that sense of accomplishment when the "claim paid" notification is sent her way. She thrives on connection and helping others to succeed.

She started Sound Family Therapy Billing Solutions in February of 2021, with the mission to provide a claims and billing service for mental health therapists that allows them to focus more on their patients and less on the complex insurance matters of their practices.

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​​​​I believe that all of us have the ability to be great, but there are challenges that get in the way. My passion is to help you realize who you are and what you can accomplish despite those challenges. I want to motivate and help you to do the work you need to be a better person, spouse, partner, parent, or friend. I know that we all have things going on, my goal is to be there for you through it, good or bad. Building you up or being there through a tough time that's what therapy is for.
Connecting with my clients is very important, and I feel that laughter is something that unites all people and crosses a number of barriers. During therapy, I look for appropriate opportunities to laugh, make connections, break down barriers, then over come struggles and help you grow to stand on your own.
I have worked with individuals and families through a variety of challenging situations including marital issues, motivation, anxiety, developmental disabilities and Autism. Working through challenges is a humbling and rewarding experience. I have become passionate about my work of helping and supporting others. I look forward to supporting you in this time.

Seattle Pacific University- B.A- Psychology
Capella University- M.S. student

Throughout life, we may find ourselves struggling in various ways. You are not alone. My goal is to help you along your journey, providing respect, encouragement, and collaboration. You can think of our relationship as you being the driver and me being your GPS. You have a goal of where you want to go, whether that be in lessening anxieties and depression, or simply wanting to learn more about yourself and how to better tackle everyday chores. I will be there to guide you along the way, but there are multiple paths you can choose to take. I strive to provide a safe environment that allows you to be you. As someone who has been in the client seat with their own therapist, I understand the want to be understood. I offer a client-centered, cognitive-behavioral approach that can be modified for any clientele age. I also find that laughter is important in life, and I believe when used appropriately, it can help strengthen the client and counselor bond. I look forward to being your traveling partner along your journey!

​​"What we know matters but who

we are matters more" - Brene Brown

Amy Figueira - Manager/Billing Claims Resolution Specialist

"I can't go back to yesterday

because I was a different person then." -Lewis Carroll

Areas of Expertise
Stress              Autism
ADHD               Men’s Issues
Christian Counseling

Professional Development
Challenging Behaviors
Marriage/Relationship Issues

Areas of Focus
Anxiety            Depression
Stress              Autism
ADHD                OCD
Professional Development
Challenging Behaviors

Daniel Figueira LMHC, NBCC, MSCP

​"Bring value to everything and everything you do will have value"

Meet Our Team 
LaRie Blake - Billing Specialist

LaRie has over 8 years of experience working with insurance in the mental health field as an Intake Coordinator. She started as a Billing Assistant with Sound Family Therapy Billing in 2023 and by 2024 was promoted to Billing Specialist. Her organization skills and consistency help our billing team stay on top of payments and claim issues. If a claim is denied and should have been paid, LaRie is quick to contact the claims department sending it back for review. In her free time LaRie enjoys being near the water with her husband, son and two dogs.